Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Giving Trees

It's been a while since I've been here. 
We've mostly finished inside the house and I've been painfully lax in updating this.
I'll bring you all up to speed in a few posts later on.

Meanwhile, let me show you something that's happened in the back yard...

We had some trees. Big trees. HUGE trees. Old trees.

And one day, a few years ago we lost a really big branch out of the biggest one.

I called to have them trimmed and found out they were hollow.
The two by the garage had to come down. And I cried.

The trees that had provided so much shade, were now just going. Away.
We left some tall stumps to place planters in the yard.

Now we're talking about a bigger garage and those stumps are in the way.
They needed to go.
Those HUGE stumps.
It took shovels and a chainsaw and an excavator to get them all out.
We had to take out the third tree behind the garage too.
And before we actually did this I had wondered what I would do with them.

Stump #1

Stump #2 - The Monster One

Stump #3

I had joked on line about Crate & Barrel and their furniture made of tree stumps.
Holy Cow! I could make a dresser out of these babies!

Turns out, they're going to be furniture after all.  Elephant furniture.

They're going to be used for enrichment activities with the herd at the Sedgwick County Zoo.
The staff will fill the nooks and crannies with food and treats.
They can move them and roll them. Certainly easier than we did.

Big. Old. Tree Stumps.
When I saw it, I cried again. But for a completely different reason.
And hopefully the trees will be very happy.