Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Brilliant Second Act

So much stuff to go through.

Some junk.  Some treasures.  And memories galore.

How do you take a lifetime of things and potentially toss them aside?

There are things in this house that make me cry to think that they might go in the trash.  Mostly personal items that make me remeber the people who used them.  The clothes were too old or out of style to be donated to Good Will. 

No one wants to buy a dress from the 60's or before. 
Men don't wear hats these days.

So when I sent a message to a friend and heard that her theatre students would use these items and that "they would be loved", it made my heart warm.

There are beautfully tailored dresses with lace and fancy buttons.  Handbags that my grandmother carried.  A couple of pairs of her shoes.  Men's hats from Henry's department store with my uncle's initials inside.

They'll get to shine again.  On stage.  Maybe on film. 

They'll get a chance at a Second Act at The Independent School. 


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