Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The smallest room in the house - Part 2

Remember what it looked like before we started?

It was a beauty, no?  NO!

We could have slapped on some paint and put in a new potty and called it good, but that's just not how we roll.

We gotta get dirty, man.  And let me tell you, tearing out lathe and plaster is DIRTY work.


We tore out the wall behind the sink.

And the wall behind the toilet.

And the wall behind the tub.   (When we did that we found another access point to the attic, which was nice when we did the electrical and the insulation!)

And the floor - which freaked some people out - because you could see through the planks right to the basement!

After the plumbing was done, we put in a cool new window and called the drywall guys and they gave us a blank canvas so we could start over...

And that's when the fun really began.

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