Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything old is new again

The kitchen. 

The heart of the home.

Everything from pop-tarts to gourmet dinners come out of this room.  We become obsessed about its design.  I've spent hours upon hours thinking about the most cost effective way to bring this space up to date.

I want it to be current.  Modern.  Efficient.  Timeless.
And yet, I still want to leave it semi-original. True to the age and the style of the house.

So what do I do? 

I couldn't leave the cabinets.  There just weren't enough of them.  Besides, the beautiful new cabinets I found will blend beautifully with the style of the house. 

Re-use the appliances?  Hardly - they're huge and old and not even close to being energy efficient. 

The flooring was completely worn through, so that's a no.

I thought for a while about trying to keep the wallpaper.

You remember it.  It's awesome, right?

I really think I could have worked this into the design plan, but for a lot of reasons it just didn't happen.

There were lots of peeling corners.

(And lots of grumbling family members.)

It seems as though I was the only one with any real affinity for this pattern.

But seriously, you should have seen the finished vision in my head.

Oh, never mind....

There are so few things left to blend the old into the new.

What IS left are the glass handles and knobs from the original cabinets.
They're going to get cleaned up and re-used.

They were yukky and dirty.

Now they sparkle and shine.

They'll go back on and blend these modern Shaker-style cabinets seamlessly with 1937.

It's going to be fabulous!

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  1. you can get replacements and different colors online (if you need more or some in other rooms). I used some just like that in the Carlsbad house ;)