Saturday, September 1, 2012

My construction background

I learned about hammers and saws and all sorts of tools from a wonderful man that I called Granddad.

His given name was Robert, but everybody else called him Bob.

He let me play in his basement workshop when I was a little girl and in the process I learned how to use his tools.  The band saw.  The drill press.  You name it, he let me try it.  Within reason.

When I was in high school and working in the Music Theatre of Wichita scene shop one summer, I complained to him that I could never lay a hammer down that someone else wouldn't pick it up and walk off with it.  He fixed my problem by making me this...

My hammer never disappeared again. 

He taught me that girls could use tools.  And fix things.  And be handy around the house.

Today would have been his 93rd birthday. 

I miss him. 

But I still use a lot of the gifts that he gave me. 

Including the hammer.