Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Drain Surgery

Cast iron.  Lead.  Galvanized.  =  BAD and OLD and BROKEN

Copper.  PVC  =  GOOD and SHINY and NEW

Thats what I have now. 
A house full of new plumbing. 
I'm seeing progress and it's a good thing. 

The old plumbing wasn't just old.  It wasn't functional.

The cast iron drain lines had frozen and split at some point years ago.

The drain under the kitchen sink went nowhere except into a bowl in the cabinet because the disposal had been removed.

There was no hot water heater.

My father-in-law is my Plumbing Superman!  He flew in last week (On a plane, people.  Don't get crazy with the Superman thing.) and in five days he and my husband got the entire place turned around plumbing-wise! 

All the rough-in is done for the kitchen and the bathroom. 
The drain lines are in. 
I have a laundry sink in the basement.

And hot water!  We have hot water!

The idea of being able to wash my hands while I'm working at the house is HUGE!

Once we have the bathroom back together and have a potty intalled, I'll be ecstatic!

Sometimes it's the simple things that make me happy.

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